Goodmans celebrates 60 years by giving employees the "Gift of Giving"

60 years of community commitment celebrated from 60 different perspectives.

November 15, 2014

At Goodmans, we are committed to transforming our community for the better. We believe in people and their ability to make a positive impact. We view giving back to this place we call home as a gift. That's why, for our 60th anniversary, we decided to give the GIFT OF GIVING.

We're paying it forward through our most precious asset...our employees. After all, it's their party.

We asked 60 of our employees to tell us about the do-gooders in their networks, the people who inspire them, the ones on the front lines of change who give of their time and heart.

Think about it, 60 individuals, with diverse passions and interests. 60 different definitions of doing good...60 gifts for the givers. Now, this is the good stuff.

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