Good People

At Goodmans, there is nothing more important than the welfare of our people.

Third-generation President & CEO, Adam Goodman, and the leadership team are hyper-focused on imagining the next frontier of office innovation. As a result, Goodmans is a nationwide leader in products that support cultural alignment, workplace strategy and sustainable construction practices.

Our leadership team is a group of exceptional professionals committed to engaging team members by aligning every aspect of the workplace around the company's vision, mission and values. The team is dedicated to reaching out to team members on a personal level and strongly believe in the importance of educating and assisting with balancing everyday family, health and work responsibilities. We believe helping employees thrive enables them to take exceptionally good care of our customers.

  • Adam Goodman

    Adam Goodman President and CEO

  • Clarke Rea

    Clarke Rea Chief Financial Officer

  • Jen Scrivner

    Jen Scrivner Chief Operations Officer

  • Steve Miller

    Steve Miller Chief Information Officer

  • Staci Seyer

    Staci Seyer VP of Prefabricated Construction

  • Allison Van Dyke

    Allison Van Dyke VP of Marketing

  • Melissa Jones

    Melissa Jones Design Director

  • Brian Turner

    Brian Turner Director of Human Resources

  • Jeff Kiewel

    Jeff Kiewel General Manager, Tucson

  • Stuart Hamilton

    Stuart Hamilton General Manager, Albuquerque