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The welfare of our people is our priority.

When you join Goodmans, you are helping to fulfill our corporate vision to change the community. Every day we have opportunities to enhance student learning, accelerate patient healing, make our customers more competitive or reduce the cost of government. Every single job at Goodmans contributes to these important outcomes and we encourage employees to discover for themselves how their daily tasks are changing our community.

As part of the Goodmans team, we expect you will embrace our corporate values: people, connectedness, improvement and foresight. The sequence of those values is significant because our first priority is the welfare of our people. Adam Goodman's most important responsibility is to create an environment where our talented people are inspired to contribute, grow and thrive.

Goodmans has earned the honor of being named one of 50 Most Engaged Workplaces in the United States, a Great Rated 2014 company, a 12-time Best Places to Work. The combination of our happy team members, numerous awards, word of mouth, energetic culture and focus on employee wellness is how we do it.

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