Gamechangers 500

Goodmans is named one of the Gamechanger 500 Companies along with Google, Apple and Herman Miller. We are so very proud!

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GameChangers 500 is a list profiling the top-purpose driven companies in the world. In contrast with the Fortune 500 list emphasizing profit, GameChangers 500 focuses on companies that maximize benefits to people and the planet.

Goodmans joins Zappos, Google, Patagonia, Method and Seventh Generation, among other leading responsible brands, in achieving the merit-based GameChangers 500 designation.

Goodmans believes that creating a strong sense of purpose is the best way to lead a business and also the best way to recruit and keep talent in a competitive business climate.

"As a 60-year-old family business, we know the key to attracting and retaining the best talent is to provide employees with a sense of purpose beyond just selling widgets," said Adam Goodman, CEO of Goodmans Interior Structures. "Our employees know that by working at Goodmans, they are making a difference in the community and for the planet. That mission is a powerful magnet for highly talented people who crave a more meaningful purpose in their lives."

GameChangers 500 selected Goodmans after a four-month review process. To qualify, candidates must be endorsed by a GameChangers advisor or member and pass the GameChangers DNA test that evaluates:

  • Why a company is in business: purpose-first rather than profit-first
  • What the company officers: products or services that create a better world
  • How the company runs the business: positively impacts people and the planet

"In evaluating Goodmans, it didn't take long to recognize their genuine desire to use business as a force for good," said Andrew Hewitt, CEO of GameChangers 500. "Their unique ways of empowering their employees, exceptional efforts to minimize their environmental footprint, and their active role in supporting their community are all stand-out examples of what it means to be a For-Benefit business."

Goodmans has already earned 7 out of GameChangers' 9 "badges," or categories of best practices:

  1. Replenish the Planet – Using business as a platform to spread environmental awareness and to support environmental causes. Goodmans volunteers to support nature, spreads environmental awareness, donates to environmental causes, offers environmentally-focused products and services.
  2. Eco Design – Designing products, services and manufacturing processes to be carbon-neutral, zero waste and non-toxic. Goodmans has an environmental agenda and collaborates with eco-minded partners and suppliers.
  3. Earth Friendly Office – Choosing eco friendly supplies and suppliers and minimizing waste, water and carbon-based energy. Goodmans uses eco-tech construction, efficient appliances and retrofits, renewable energy installments, eco-friendly supplies, recycling and composting systems.
  4. Everyone Wins – Care and concern for customers, suppliers, distributors, investors and the community. Goodmans creates happy customers, appreciated suppliers, distributors and partners, industry collaboration, ethical supply chains, local economic growth, and it also donates to social causes and cares for the community.
  5. Empowered Employees – Autonomy, servant leadership, generous benefits, constant learning, and hiring based on strengths, shared values and a passion for the mission. Goodmans empowers employees through values-driven hiring, results-only work environment, purpose-driven culture, connection initiatives, performance recognition, opportunities and support for professional growth. and learning, clear plans for promotion and advancement and servant leadership
  6. Exceptional Work Environment – Environments that are fun, inspiring and an evolutionary leap beyond the beige cubicle. Goodmans' physical work environment is recognized for its interior design, natural elements, premium technology, workstation flexibility, fun factor and food offerings.
  7. Meet the Mission – Clearly defining a mission, using a theory of change to help determine direction, and developing metrics to measure progress. Goodmans has a purpose-first legal structure and measures impact.

In a separate 2011 award from a different organization called B Lab, Goodmans' ethical conduct, combined with sustainability initiatives and community outreach programs, earned the company a certification as the first Benefit Corporation (B Corp) in the North American office furniture industry and the third company in Arizona. Certified B Corps are required to consider the potential impact of their decisions on their stakeholders – including employees, suppliers and consumers – as well as the broader community and the environment.

In June, the Council of Better Business Bureaus presented Goodmans with its 2014 BBB International Torch Award for Ethics. Goodmans is a seven-time winner of the Phoenix Business Journal's Best Places to Work Phoenix contest.