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Interior Construction


The evolution of construction demands change. If you thought DIRTT was just walls, keep reading. Our experts bring ground-breaking solutions to every project including doors, millwork, raised access flooring, plug-and-play power and of course, walls.

ENGINEERED | Faster, Better than Conventional

Conventional construction is linear, prone to workers’ errors, and captive to time-constraining sequences. ENGINEERED, prefabricated construction captures and wrangles speed, consistency, and quality. DIRTT walls, doors, power modules and millwork are produced quickly in quality-controlled factories with high-tech, engineered precision. Your DIRTT solutions are being produced simultaneously to on-site preparations and is delivered and installed instantly. Weeks can be saved. Quality is consistent. Results are immediate.

ADAPTABLE | More than Moveable

Moveable simply means a thing can be moved. Yes, you can move DIRTT walls. But beyond that, being ADAPTABLE is almost as great as having X-ray vision! It means you can access the inside of your walls without cutting into them. You can add an outlet, access a plumbing chase, move internal cables, and much more by simply removing the face panel with our special tool. Access is instantaneous.

ACOUSTICAL | Smarter than Traditional

Our engineered solutions are assembled with sound comfort in mind. Walls come standard with sustainable, cotton insulation. Seams and connections are filled with zippered attachments. Doors can be equipped with drop-down acoustical seals. Glass panels can be specified as tempered, laminated or even double pane when necessary. Traditional walls demand attention and upgrades to meet sound requirements; DIRTT walls are equipped to handle the same requirements and are capable of intelligently integrating upgrades or customized solutions when necessary.

SUSTAINABLE | Healthier than Reusable

Sustainability begins by designing components specifically to avoid the landfill. Our frames are aluminum; our face panels are MDF. The lightweight nature of our frames facilitate reuse; the durability of MDF over gypsum means that our panels are up to 30 times more impact resistant to nicks and dings further enabling reuse. And each time you avoid generating dust, disturbing your environment, and damaging existing construction is healthier not only for the environment, but for your people.

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Ever wondered how DIRTT works? Here it is. From the idea to the factory to the final space, this is how we do it.
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