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Certified Herman Miller Dealer

Consistency and quality across the continent.

Through the Herman Miller Certified Dealer Network, customers with multiple locations get one point of contact, one contract, and one invoice, along with the assistance of local dealer resources in each market.

As one of 48 member dealers and 244 locations in Herman Miller's Certified Dealer Network, Goodmans works with other members to ensure across-the-board expertise, accountability, and accuracy. This skilled network enables Goodmans to handle projects of all sizes and with multiple locations. Regardless of complexity or size, Goodmans will be your single resource for a fully coordinated and seamless process.

From shared technological capabilities such as the web-based ServiceNet program, which helps coordinate dealer activity across markets, to our common Customer Satisfaction Survey, which gives us valuable feedback on the work we do for you, Herman Miller's Certified Dealer Network provides valuable support to help Goodmans and our dealer partners across the network deliver an exceptional level of service.