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Law Offices of Frazer Ryan Goldberg & Arnold

A Space for Law Relations and Planning

FRGA Law Office Lobby2

The Law Office's main boardroom had two separate rooms with a retractable wall in between. Goodmans needed to provide a solution that would join two conference rooms to make one boardroom table.

Goodmans partnered with Enwork Tables to design 2 custom tables that could stand alone in separate rooms. For a larger conference table option, Enwork also designed 4 matching folding/training tables that sit between the other 2 tables. The joined tables make a 35 foot long conference table for company wide meetings. The folding tables were designed with the user in mind and made to be easily handled by the ladies in the office for set up and tear down. The 4 folding/training tables fold flat and fit on a panel cart when not in use for easy storage.