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  • BIG NEWS! Goodmans Acquires Workspaces

BIG NEWS! Goodmans Acquires Workspaces

We are thrilled to announce Goodmans Interior Structures has acquired WORKspaces, another Phoenix-based Herman Miller dealer. This move joins two great organizations together to further support Goodmans' ambition to provide our customers with a superior customer experience. The newly formed team will operate out of Goodmans’ newly renovated corporate headquarters.

October 11, 2017
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We are delighted to welcome the team from WORKspaces, and offer them the special experience of working at Goodmans. Together we will pursue our ambition to make a positive impact on our community by helping patients to heal, helping students to learn, reducing the cost of government for taxpayers and making our corporations more competitive. Our vision for the community gives our employees the opportunity to do meaningful work with a sense of purpose. This engagement translates to a better experience for our customers.

A core value of WORKspaces has been to build partnerships that foster relationships. Goodmans has earned a reputation as a progressive company with an especially distinctive culture focused on changing communities by empowering local business growth. This alignment in values and industry expertise helped to substantiate the union of our two companies.